Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Helen's Letter

Dear Friends,

As more plants begin to show signs of growth and the beauty of creation with the seasons it prompts me to ask:
                          where we see God at work?

Perhaps in kindness shown to us in unexpected places, in the care given by a health care assistant, or a staff member in a nursing home?

Perhaps we see God at work in a child's smile, or the wonderful laughter that happens when people who love each other are together after being apart?

Perhaps we see God at work in people of all ages changing their habits to take better care of the environment?

Perhaps we see it in the faithfulness of the moon, always there, even when we can't see it because of clouds?

Perhaps we experience it for ourselves when we feel loved at a time of great need, as if God has put his arms around us?

Perhaps we we see God at work in ourselves as we realise we've overcome a habit which was destructive, of gossip, or complaining or of reaching for a prop at certain times?

Perhaps we see God at work in the life of a family member or friend who is finding healing or hope in a way which at one time seemed too much to hope for?

Perhaps we see God at work in the lives of amazing charities and aid organisations where people risk their lives for the sake of others?

I wonder where you see God at work.........?

Do tell me, next time you see me, or send me an email, write me a postcard ... or tell someone else instead and see what they say.

God bless you this March