Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Helen's Letter

Dear Friends,

When it's cold and dark, its easy to curl in on ourseleves, keep our heads down and just persevere, waiting for the longer days - (coming already now we're in January) and spring flowers beginning to appear.

But if we do that then we may miss some of the lovely things that happen around us. Of course, we must be sensible and keep warm, but looking for things that bring joy and wonder can also help fight the gloom that January can sometimes seem.

Looking for lovely things is not about shopping at John Lewis but about seeing it all around,

Today I saw some "hardanger" embroidery done by one of our church family, it was beautiful and needed great skill and patience to produce - my heart was lifted by the creativity.

Like quite a few people I'm reading "Images of the Invisible" by Amy Scott Robinson, a little book that is filling me with awe at the different ways God is described in the Bible. It has prompted me to think about the clothes I wear and take for granted but also different ways God clothes us with his love. It brings joy to my soul.

Each day around ther village I see kindness and generosity as I shop, chat, watch other people care for others, or I am on the receiving end. I feel privileged to be alive.

Or there is the creativity in a good novel that transports you to another world.

Then there's the sky, the sunniness, the bulbs beginning to signal new life, buds on the trees, all this to look forward to.

God has created a world that is both always the same and yet ever changing through the seasons.

A challenge for when you're cold and fed up: look for things or people which bring joy. And thank God.

Yours, Helen..