Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Helen's Letter

Dear Friends,

One of Victoria Wood's characters had the catch phrase "Our attitude is Gratitude". The character would then go on to moan about things and people. Within our churches this month we are celebrating Harvest with the same sentiment - " Our attitude is Gratitude". While we may not own a yacht or have exotic holidays we still have much more than the majority of the world - somewhere relatively safe to live, with enough food and variety of food - flavours, texture and colour in a way which brings joy as well as sustenance. Maintaining the "Attitude of Gratitude" can be hard work - we take things for granted and life can be busy. This season is a time for each of us to savour our food, recognise how privileged we are and be thankful to all those involved in its journey - and for me that includes gratitude to God.

But a question comes: what do we do with our gratitude? I can (and sometimes do) say thank you when I walk through a field of cows. We can be polite and respectful and not take people for granted who work in shops where we buy our food and appreciate long distance lorry drivers and delivery workers.

We can also let our gratitude overflow into generosity.

The local Food Banks are busy. I feel very lucky in that I have never needed, so far, to use the services of a Food Bank - but I know people who through circumstances outside their control have needed help and have been grateful for what they have received.

If you are going to give to the food bank - remember soap and shampoos and sanitary products are also needed. If I were in need, I hope that I would be grateful for anything - but I think I would be especially grateful for something that wasn't a "Saver" product. I remember one mum, who used to send food to the food bank, always sent things that were more than the "staple" and would hope to give someone a little bit of dignity back.

So, enjoy your food, respond with an attitude of gratitude and let your gratitude overflow into generosity.