Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Helen's Letter

Dear Friends,

I wonder who influences you in how to live and the decisions you make? My Mum and Dad though long dead still influence me, but also things I read, and people I meet all have their effect on my life to some degree or other, for some it's - ooh that's good and for others - ugh never trying that!

In our current age there are social influences on the internet who are paid to be seen wearing or promoting certain products - in the hope that their "followers" will buy these things too. If we're honest we are all influenced by others to some degree or other: newspapers, adverts, neighbours, all influence us in what to buy, how to vote, choices we make.

So who do you follow? To follow someone on twitter is to get their messages sent to your phone so you can read their comments on whatever they choose to write about. I've never got into "following" anyone on twitter but there is someone who I want to follow and try to follow.

I want to follow someone with integrity, someone who is not doing things for their own benefit, someone I can trust. The psalmist wrote the Lord is my shepherd

The person who wrote the psalm will have been like you or me - someone with good intentions but still making lots of mistakes and yet he had the confidence that putting his trust in God the Good Shepherd was the best thing to do - in God rather than power, wealth or people...

For me I see the Good Shepherd in the life of Jesus, in his love for all people, his longing for the world to be the best place for everyone to live and his love for all. - This is who I follow - why don't you join me.