Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Helen's Letter

Dear Friends,

I wonder how you prefer communicating with people?

I use text and WhatsApp for speedy messages, email for longer communcations. I enjoy chatting on the phone to friends and family who don't live locally but there's nothing like meeting with someone face to face, often sharing refreshment of some kind and having a leisurely chat rather just a speedy transfer of basic information.

And this is at the heart of the Christian faith.

God communicated first according to the story in Genesis by meeting people and talking with them at the end of the day - but the people rebelled and God wanted to keep in touch - but humanity always has the choice to accept or reject and people don't want to listen.

God sent messengers (the prophets) ; he spoke in unexpected ways and places, a burning bush, an ass, through seas parting, unexpected angels, writiing on walls.

But people still didn't want to know.

And so, God came in person - Jesus, born in a humble way, spent a childhood amongst an ordinary Jewish family learning to love and live with them. We dont know how long before he knew exactly what he was to do - but he knew that being with people, eating and drinking with them, laughing and joking with them, healing and challenging them, helping know they are loved by God and encouraging them to live that love wherever they went.

And somehow in all this God is among his people. And through this life of feeding and teaching and telling stories and touching untouchables, somehow, we hear God's message of love for all, of hope and healing. And God still lives among us all now.

Happy Christmas, Helen.