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Prayer Hands Prayer Diary for October

This month we especially pray for all those involved in food production

and those who still do not have enough food or clean water.


Please pray for:

1st       Sunday our harvest celebration

2nd      all those who need God's healing

3rd       the work of food banks around the country

4th       those who work on farms

5th       those who work in animal feeds

6th       those who transport our food to factories or market

7th       those who work in abattoirs

8th       Sunday Evie and Edward baptised here today

9th       farm vets and their staff

10th     those who work in food shops

11th     those who work in food development

12th     those who work in 'Healthy Eating' education

13th     those who work to keep our food supply going

14th     Dominic and Rebecca as they marry today                                                   

15th     Sunday those who cater for others

16th     those who work in waste disposal

17th     those who work in sanitation

18th     those who do not have fresh water to drink

19th     Water Aid and their efforts to provide safe drinking water

20th     those who grow our tea and coffee

21st     those who work in appalling conditions

22nd    Sunday those who grow food for us but don't have enough

            to feed their own families

23rd     development workers working in agriculture

24th     aid workers helping refugees

25th     refugees relying on food handouts

26th     aid workers working with people who have lost everything

27th     those who make and design agricultural equipment

28th     those who work infood production

29th     Sunday those who find life difficult

30th     those who have everything and value nothing

31st     all those who mourn




Daily Prayers
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