Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Daily Prayers

Prayer Hands Prayer Diary for December


Please pray for:

1st    those in need of God's healing

2nd   those overcome by darkness

3rd    Sunday light for those struggling with depression

4th    light for those who have lost their faith

5th    light for those who have no direction in life

6th    light for those who live with fear

7th    light for ourselves, our families and friends

8th    light for those who have been bereaved

9th    those who have no hope

10th  Sunday for Max baptised today and his family

11th  courage to admit that we get things wrong

12th  wisdom to ask for God's help and guidance

13th  faith to receive God's forgiveness and love

14th  strength to live a new life of forgiveness

15th  a willingness to forgive others

16th  those who dread Christmas because of damaged relationships

17th  Sunday the village Carol Service and all involved

18th  those who dread Christmas because of financial pressures

19th  those who think the good news of Christmas is not for them

20th  those who have tried to follow their calling and failed

21st  those trying to live out the Kingdom of God in daily lives

22nd those who are persecuted for their faith

23rd  those rejected by family because of their faith

24th  Sunday those travelling to family and friends and those who cannot travel to be with them

25th  Christmas Day those who feel alone

26th  newly formed families: the pressures of being together

27th  families where there is stress

28th  families who are homeless

29th  refugees living in alien cultures

30th  those who have lost children

31st  Sunday those who fear the New Year 





Daily Prayers
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