Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Daily Prayers

Prayer Hands Prayer Diary for May


This month please pray for:

1st     those who need God's healing
2nd    those whose lives have been devastated by terrorism
3rd     those affected by recent natural disasters
4th     those affected by natural disasters which have slipped from our
          front pages yet where tragedy remains
5th     Sunday our sides people as they welcome us to worship
6th     our singers and musicians
7th     those who clean our church and maintain it
8th     our church wardens
9th     those who lead our intercessions and read in church
10th   our sister churches at Doddington and Wybunbury
11th   those who prepare our refreshments in church
12th   Sunday Louis and Lucas as they are baptised today
13th   those who work behind the scenes making a difference
14th   our bellringers
15th   the church of God throughout the world sharing God's love
16th   our agricultural chaplains helping farmers
17th   our farmers - giving thanks for their work
18th   Sarah and Laurie as they marry today
19th   Sunday retailers who influence us and impact on farmers
20th   adults who have lost the joy of life
21st   the church of God as we work for "Your kingdom on earth"
22nd the church of God where it is persecuted
23rd  the church of God where our vision of God's love is lost
24th   our growing as a loving community, reflecting God's love
25th   those who feel isolated
26th   Sunday Trinity our clergy Helen and Adrian, John and Father Alan
27th   those exhausted by caring for others and those bereaved
28th   those whose families are on the brink of breaking down
29th   the church of God where we are half-hearted
30th   Ascension ourselves as we worship the risen, ascended,
          glorified Christ
31st   our Archbishops, Bishops and Archdeacons 






Daily Prayers
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