Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Daily Prayers

Prayer Hands Prayer Diary for March


Please pray for:

1st     those who need God's healing

2nd    the NHS and all that includes

3rd    Sunday give thanks for those whom you support and love

4th    give thanks for those who nurtured you

5th    give thanks for those who now support you

6th    give thanks for those who taught you

7th    give thanks for those who lead us on our Lenten journey

8th    our bishops: Peter, Keith and Libby

9th    our clergy: Helen, Fr Alan, Adrian, John and Rachael

10th  Sunday Anne & Jill our Lay Readers

11th  Frank & Peter our Church Wardens

12th  people taking their first steps in faith

13th  the churches in our deanery

14th  those who lead and support Praise and Play

15th  our friends at the Methodist and Baptist churches

16th  our sister churches: St John's and St Chad's

17th  Sunday those involved in arranging Lent Lunches

18th  the church throughout the world: persecuted or complacent

19th  the church family at St James

20th  our church team going into schools to lead assemblies

21st  our sides persons and coffee rota volunteers

22nd our 'holy dusters' and all who help in so many ways

23rd  families under stress through financial pressures

24th  Sunday the work of the Women's Refuge in Crewe

25th  the Annunciation - for women who have just found out they are
         pregnant, the joy or difficulty it brings

26th  those who have a difficult relationship with their families

27th  families coping with domestic violence

28th  the work of all the children's charities

29th  those who find motherhood difficult

30th  those unable to become mothers

31st  Mothering Sunday mothers everywhere  






Daily Prayers
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