Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Daily Prayers

Prayer Hands Prayer Diary for January 2020

 Please pray for:                

1st    those who cannot perceive a good New Year
2nd   those who need God's healing
3rd    wisdom for church leaders
4th    those who are lost and unsure of who to turn to
5th    Sunday: those searching for God
6th    Epiphany - the coming of the wise men to Jesus
7th    people who, like Herod, are threatened by faith
8th    people who will stop at nothing to achieve their ends
9th    people whose views we struggle to understand
10th  wisdom for Governments
11th  wisdom for peace negotiators
12th  Sunday: for Betsy baptised today and her family
13th  wisdom for those involved in medical research
14th  wisdom for those who work in finance
15th  wisdom for those who work in food production
16th  wisdom for those involved in marketing and retailing
17th  wisdom for educators
18th  wisdom for those involved in family breakdowns
19th  Sunday: the Methodist and Baptist church members
20th  this week of Christian Unity across the world
21st  our sister churches in Wybunbury and Doddington
22nd people of other denominations
23rd  members of the Mothers' Union and their AGM
24th  those persecuted for their faith
25th  farmers leaving their farms through debt & insecurity
26th  Sunday: people of other faiths
27th  those involved in supporting the farming industry
28th  those involved in the welfare of the countryside
29th  those who have no hope
30th  those who find life difficult
31st  those who are dying