Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Daily Prayers

Prayer Hands Prayer Diary for February 2020

 Please pray for:                

1st    those who need God's healing
2nd   Sunday those who have never had jobs
3rd    staff of Leighton Hospital and St Luke's Hospice
4th    those who struggle with addictions
5th    our church schools: Audlem, Bridgemere, Wybunbury and 
         Stapeley Broad Lane
6th    Praise and Play: the families and the team
7th    staff at Audlem Medical Practice
8th    staff in all the local shops and facilities
9th    Sunday staff working on Sunday
10th  our partner churches, St Chad's and St John's
11th  teachers that they may be refreshed by half term
12th  our church wardens Frank and Peter
13th  Jenny, Geraldine and our church musicians and singers
14th  new residents in our village
15th  staff and residents of Corbrook Court
16th  Sunday young people who are unemployed
17th  young people living in residential care or foster homes
18th  young people who feel failures in education
19th  those who need guidance to use money wisely
20th  those tempted by power and authority
21st  those who find faith difficult
22nd those who assume they are not good enough for God
23rd  Sunday for our wedding couples as they meet today
24th  those exploring their faith
25th  those struggling to live independently
26th  those who struggle with honesty and integrity
27th  those who struggle with doubt
28th  those brought up as Christians but who now reject God
29th  people in the world who still have not heard the good news of Jesus