Daily Prayers

Prayer Hands Prayer Diary 

Over the next few months please pray for:                

1st    those who are suffering with Covid 19
2nd   those who have lost loved ones and are grieving
3rd    those in the NHS and care sectors under pressure in dealing with Covid 19
4th    local healthcare providers and pharmacy staff
5th    patients who have had operations and treatments postponed
6th    our schools and teachers struggling to offer education to pupils either in school
         or at home over the internet
7th    families trying to adjust to teaching their children at home
8th    families who have less income and are struggling to cope
9th    people trapped at home in abusive relationships
10th  workers in agriculture trying to produce food for us all
11th  key workers maintaining society's infrastructure
12th  those involved in the delivery of essential items
13th  postal workers and refuse collectors
14th  all those who are furloughed and face job insecurity
15th  all those who have lost their jobs and face a bleak future
16th  those living alone whose sense of isolation has grown
17th  church communities trying to cope with church closures
18th  church ministers under pressure supporting parishioners
19th  new heroes who have emerged and inspired us
20th  our government to show wisdom and sound leadership
21st  worldwide governments to work together
22nd safety and security for everyone in their daily lives
23rd  people who live in areas where access to hygiene is limited
24th  people who live in areas where isolating is impossible
25th  people who work in retail, hotels and B&Bs
26th  people who work in pubs, restaurants and cafes
27th  all the volunteers who are going the extra mile to help others
28th  ourselves to find strength to keep going
29th  our family members who we long to see and hug
30th  our friends with whom we want to share good times again
31st  those who feel abandoned by God







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