Healing Prayers

Healing Prayer Circle Prayers

These are prayers the Healing Prayer Circle have been using – you may find them helpful in your own prayers at home when you do not know what to pray.


O Christ our Lord,

as in times past not all the sick and suffering

found their own way to your side,

but had to have their hands taken,

or their bodies carried,

or their names mentioned;

so we, confident of your goodness, bring others to you. 


As in times past you looked on the faith of friends and let peace and healing be known, look on our faith, even our little faith and let your kingdom come.


We remember before you those for whom pain is the greatest problem; who are remembered more for their distress than for their potential; who at night cry “I wish to God it were morning” and in the morning cry “I wish to God it were night.” Lord Jesus Christ, bring healing, bring peace.


We remember before you those whose problem is not physical; those haunted by the nightmares of their past or the spectres of their future; those whose minds are shackled to neuroses, depression and fears; those who do not know what is wrong and do not know what to pray. Lord Jesus Christ, bring healing, bring peace.


We remember before you those in whose experience light has turned to darkness, as the end of a life or the breaking of a relationship leaves them stunned in their souls and silent in their conversation,


not knowing where to turn or whom to turn to, or whether life has a purpose anymore. Lord Jesus Christ, bring healing, bring peace.


Lord God,

you alone are skilled to know

the cure for every sickness and every soul.

If by our lives your grace may be known then in us,

through us, and, if need be, despite us,

let your kingdom come.


On all who tend the sick, counsel the distressed, or sit with the dying, we ask your blessing, that in caring for your people they may meet and serve their Lord.

Watch now, dear Lord,

with those who watch or weep tonight,

 and give your angels charge over those who sleep. 

Tend your sick ones, O Lord Jesus,

rest your weary ones,

bless your dying ones,

soothe your afflicted ones,

shield your joyous ones

and all for your love’s sake.  Amen (St Augustine of Hippo)


For those who administer the agencies of health and welfare, or develop medical research, we ask your guidance, that in all they do, all life may be valued and the service of human need fully resourced.


The God of all hope fill us with all joy and peace in believing, that we may abound in hope in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen



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